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Final IDP - 4th Generation - 2017 - 2022

Final IDP 2017-2022 4th Generation
Published: 30/05/2017

IDP - 2018/2019
    Budget Time Schedule
Published: 31/08/2017
IDP - 2017/2018
    Resolution Budget Schedule    
IDP - 2016/2017

IDP Revision 4 2016/2017
Published: 31/05/2016

Resolution Budget Schedule IDP - iMap 2013 - 2016
IDP Final 2012 - 2017
IDP Final 2012 - 2017        

Integrated Development Planning is an approach to planning which is aimed at involving the municipality and the community to find the best solutions towards sustainable development.

An Integrated Development Plan is a super plan for an area that gives an overall framework for development. It aims to co-ordinate the work of local and other spheres of government in a coherent plan to improve the quality of life for all the people living in an area. It should take into account the existing conditions and problems and resources available for development.

It is a process through which municipalities prepare a strategic development plan which extends over a 5 year period.

In terms of the Municipal Systems Act, Act 32 of 2000 all municipalities have to undertake an IDP process to produce IDP's.

As the IDP is a legislative requirement it has a legal status and it supersedes all other plans that guide development at local government level.

A very critical phase of the IDP process is to link planning to the municipal budget (i.e. allocation of internal or external funding to the identified projects); because this will ensure that the IDP directs the development and implementation of projects.

After approval of this plan by the municipal council, all development and projects must comply with the stipulations of the IDP.

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