Saldanha Bay Municipality

Municipality plans free door-to-door
recycling collection service for residents

Over the next three years, Saldanha Bay Municipality plans to roll out free weekly door-to-door recycling collections to residents in the municipal area.

The first phase of the programme will be launched this year on 5 October 2016 in Langebaan (Wards 6 and 14). As further budget becomes available in 2017, Vredenburg, Paternoster, Jacobsbaai and Hopefield will come on stream, with Saldanha and St Helena Bay following the year after.

Langebaan residents have requested a recycling collection service in their Integrated Development Plans (IDP) for a number of years.  Ward Councillors and residents alike have long been keen to have the system introduced.

The ‘WeCare - Recycle’ programme is part of the municipality’s commitment to improving  services to ratepayers, creating employment for the community and helping keep clean the West Coast, whose natural beauty brings thousands of tourists and visitors annually.

Residents will be given a starter pack with educational information about how to participate as well as free clear bags for the first week. There is no need to sort the different ‘dry’ items. Into the clear bag goes paper, plastics, glass, and tins altogether. Food scraps, wet and other waste goes as usual into the green bin.


On refuse removal day each week, residents place their clear bag with recyclables on the pavement next to or on top of the refuse bin. The municipality’s recycling contractor Wastegro will collect the bag of recyclables and a new clear bag will be left for the next week’s (household) recyclables.

Bags are taken to the materials recycling facility at the Vredenburg landfill site. Here trained workers from the community sort the recyclables to be baled and transported to Cape Town for processing into new products again.

Recycling ‘swop-shops’ are also planned to be rolled out in informal settlements. These will give the youth the opportunity to be given school accessories, clothes and household items in exchange for the recyclable materials they collect. This helps clean up street litter in these areas while giving them an early experience of entrepreneurship by creating ‘wealth out of waste’.

Businesses and restaurants are not included in the free weekly domestic recycling collection system. They have to coordinate their own recycling arrangements with contractors of their choice, or contact Wastegro on 082 3353 177.

Langebaan Progress Update: February 2017

Langebaan Progress Update: May 2017

Are you a holiday or a weekend visitor?

Drop off your bag of recycling at your nearest public drop-off site



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