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Area: Diazville
Date: Tuesday, 25 September 2018  Time: 08h00 – 14h00 (6 hours)

Kindly note that the Saldanha Bay Municipality will conduct a pressure test on the network supplying water to the above mentioned area. Your water supply may be temporarily suspended during this period.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and urge all water consumers to use water sparingly during this period.

Should you experience any problems, please contact the municipal call centre on:

022 701 7061







Heritage Day Celebration : 24 September 2018

Heritage Day is one of South Africa’s newer public holidays, declared after the republic became a democracy in 1994. The day was first observed in 1996.

The day is one of our newly created public holidays and its significance rests in recognising aspects of South African culture which are both tangible and difficult to pin down: creative expression, our historical inheritance, language, the food we eat as well as the land in which we live.

It is a day in which all are encouraged to celebrate their cultural traditions in the wider context of the great diversity of cultures, beliefs, and traditions that make up the nation of South Africa.

So make sure you come celebrate this day at Gerald Stoffberg Saldanha Cultural Village where they will have LIVE entertainment and plenty activities. This will be a great day out for the whole family which makes this one event not to miss…






Date: Wednesday, 26 September 2018    
Area: Jacobsbaai and surrounding area
Time: 08h30 – 18h00

The Municipality intends to interrupt the supply of electricity of the above mentioned area to carry out essential maintenance work on the electrical network of the area. Your installation must be treated as being live for the full duration of the maintenance period, as the power may be switched on before the time mentioned above.



Date: Thursday, 27 September 2018    
Area: Paternoster and surrounding farms
Time: 08h30 – 18h00

The Municipality intends to interrupt the supply of electricity of the above mentioned area to carry out essential maintenance work on the electrical network of the area. Your installation must be treated as being live for the full duration of the maintenance period, as the power may be switched on before the time mentioned above.

Clanwilliam Dam Project Workshop

The National Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) cordially invites you to attend the Clanwilliam Dam Project workshop. The workshop is aimed at informing the community about the opportunities existing within the raising of the Clanwilliam Dam wall.

Date:     Wednesday, 19 September 2018
Venue: Saldanha Multi-Purpose Centre
Time:    10h00 - 14h00

*** Please bring along your banking details, tax certificate, valid mobile number and email address in order to be registered onto the Central Supplier Database (CSD).


Safety Tips for Parents


Municipality rolls out Phase Three of free recycling collection service to Saldanha and St Helena Bay

During the first week of October, the Saldanha Bay Municipality will be rolling out free door-to-door recycling collection services each week to residents of Saldanha and St Helena Bay.

This follows the successful launch of recycling collections to the rest of the Saldanha Bay Municipal area. So far more than 4 500 residents are already participating and some 115 000 kg of recyclable materials have been diverted from landfill, creating 46 jobs to date.

Our ‘WeCare - Recycle’ programme is a national environmental award winner and is part of the municipality’s commitment to improving service deliveries to ratepayers. This helps create employment for the community and keeps clean the West Coast, whose natural beauty brings thousands of tourists and visitors annually.

Free clear bags:
Residents will be given a starter pack with educational information about how to participate as well as free clear bags for the first two weeks. Into the clear bag go all paper, plastics, glass, and tins together. There is no need to sort the different ‘dry’ items (food scraps, wet and other waste goes as usual into the green bin).

On the same day as refuse removal day each week, residents place their clear bag with recyclables on the pavement next to the refuse bin. The municipality’s recycling contractor Wastegro will pick up the bag of recyclables and swop a fresh clear bag for the householder’s next week’s recyclables.


Bags are taken to the materials recycling facility at the Vredenburg landfill site. Here trained workers from the community sort the recyclables so they can be baled and transported to Cape Town for processing into new products again.

All residents of Saldanha and St Helena Bay are encouraged to join Langebaan, Vredenburg, Paternoster, Jacobsbaai and Hopefield and participate in the free, door-to-door collection of their recyclable materials which otherwise would go to waste in landfill.

Businesses and restaurants are not included in the free weekly domestic recycling collection system. Recycling arrangements can be made with contractors of their choice, or business can contact Wastegro on 082 3353 177.




For more information, contact the Saldanha Bay Municipality call centre on 022 701 7061. 


Become part of the German Exchange Programme

The West Coast District Municipality in partnership with KIEZ in Germany is creating opportunities for youth to exchange knowledge and experiences with the objective of capacitating them to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Families and households are invited to be part of this very successful programme by hosting one German student for the weekend of 5-7 October 2018. For more information or to apply to host a student, contact Melonice Blanckenberg on 022 433 8501 or email before 21 September 2018.


Photo Caption: The Alkaster family from St Helena Bay hosted German students in 2017.


The Saldanha Bay Municipality Fire Services Department is currently conducting fire safety inspections at businesses and institutions within their area of jurisdiction.

The inspections are carried out in terms of the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act, including the section relating to the fire safety requirements of all buildings.

The PDF file contains the Fire Services tariffs for the 2018/2019 financial year, as approved by Council.

Saldanha Bay awarded at Provincial Goven Mbeki Awards

Saldanha Bay Municipality was recently awarded First Runner Up in the “Best Integrated Residential Development Programme” Category at the 2018 Provincial Goven Mbeki Awards ceremony, held in Cape Town on 31 August 2018.

Established in 2008, the Govan Mbeki Awards is an annual event which aims to recognise outstanding performance in the delivery of housing projects. It also aims to encourage a culture of excellence within the human settlements sector.

Photograph caption: Alderman Marius Koen (Saldanha Bay Executive Mayor), MEC Bonginkosi Madikizala (Human Settlements Minister), Jacky Samson (Human Settlements Planning Chiefs Director) and Ryan Groenewald (Saldanha Bay Housing Senior Manager) at the Privincial Goven Mbeki Awards ceremony.

The Municipality submitted three projects for consideration in the provincial awards, under the following categories:

  1. Best Upgrade of Informal Settlement Project
  2. Best Enhanced People’s Housing Process Project
  3. Best Integrated Residential Development Programme

All winners of the Provincial Govan Mbeki Awards go on to compete with other provinces at the National Govan Mbeki Awards in East London on 29 November 2018.



Members of the public waiting for their driving licence cards may experience a delay because of industrial action at the Driving Licence Card Account (DLCA) in Pretoria. While the processing of applications for new licence cards and renewals is decentralised, all cards are issued by the DLCA, a trading entity of the National Department of Transport. This delay will therefore affect applicants all over South Africa.

Drivers who apply for a driving licence card renewal on or before the expiry date pay R140 for the new card. They may continue to drive for a maximum of three months, provided they are in possession of their application receipts and their old cards. Drivers who apply after their licences have expired pay R140 for the new card, and must also apply for a temporary licence at an additional cost of R45.

Temporary driving licences are valid for six months. The Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works (DTPW) encourages members of the public to apply for their replacement cards well in advance to mitigate the risk of having to obtain a temporary driving licence.

It bears repeating that application receipts and old licence cards may only be used for three months from the application date. Should drivers not yet have received their new licence cards at that point, they will have to obtain a temporary licence. This is unfortunately outside the control of DTPW.

DTPW is acutely aware of the frustration this may cause. Despite the fact that this delay is not the fault of DPTW or any of the local driving licence testing centres, the Department will keep the public informed of any further developments. This dispute can only be resolved at national level, and the delay will persist until such time as the dispute is resolved.

Press queries:
Jandré Bakker
Head of Communication
Department of Transport and Public Works
Tel: 021 483 8513


200 New Home Owners in George Kerridge and Ongegund Receive Titile Deeds

Saldanha Bay Municipality’s Executive Mayor, Alderman Marius Koen handed over title deeds to 200 proud home owners at a special ceremony held in Vredenburg on Tuesday, 28 August 2018.

Residents of George Kerridge and Ongegund in Vredenburg were elated when they officially became the owners of their new homes. Addressing the beneficiariesat the George Kerridge community hall, Alderman Koen urged the beneficiaries to take care of their homes and emphasized the importance of drawing up a will and including their homes in it as part of their inheritance.

Electricity Tariffs: Special Council Decision

At a Special Council Meeting held on Friday, 3 August 2018 the Saldanha Bay Council suspended the connection / capacity charges for pre-paid domestic electricity consumers with a 40 Ampere and a 60 Ampere connection.

This suspension is effective from 1 July 2018. Corrections will appear on the August 2018 municipal account of the affected households.

Click here for an electronic copy.

Langebaan Landfill Site under Rehabilitation

The Saldanha Bay Municipality’s Landfill Site in Langebaan is currently under rehabilitation and the construction of a new transfer station is underway.

A delay in construction processes had a dramatic impact on the available airspace of the current landfill site in Langebaan. Saldanha Bay Municipality designed a temporary action plan to accommodate community members and businesses utilising the landfill site.

The following changes will occur as from July 2018:

  • Only trucks and/or vehicles with loading capacity under six (6) tons will be accepted at the Langebaan Landfill Site. Vehicles larger than 6 tons will have to transport and dispose their waste at the Vredenburg Landfill Site.
  • Small businesses and/or community members with vehicle capacity under 6 tons will be allowed to disposed their waste at the Langebaan Landfill Site, but will not be allowed to dispose more than three (3) loads per day.
  • Any additional loads will have to be disposed at the Vredenburg Landfill Site.



Indigent Benefits and Rates Rebate


New SASSA Cards Available

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) cards are still valid until 31 December 2018.

Swap your existing SASSA card for a new one from 1 April to 30 September 2018 at your nearest Post Office, SASSA office or designated venue. For more information, contact the SASSA Call Centre on 0800 60 10 11.

Click here for the SASSA notice.

Register on SMS Database for updates on Water Restrictions

Register your cell phone number or update your personal details on the municipal SMS database to receive messages related to Saldanha Bay Municipality’s water restrictions, emergency situations (floods, fires, power outages and pipe bursts), notices and announcements.

Submit your completed SMS database registration form to any Saldanha Bay Municipal office. You can also fax your completed form to (022) 715 1518 or submit via email to here for an electronic copy of the registration form.

Ontec (Prepaid Electricity) Vendors

Saldanha Bay Municipality has 69 registered Ontec vendors supplying prepaid electricity to residents and businesses within the municipal area. All Vendors are appointed on the NRS 047 standard.

Prepaid electricity can also be purchased at any Saldanha Bay Municipal office. Below are maps of the locations of the Ontec vendors per town in the municipal area.

Hopefield Langebaanweg Langebaan Middelpos
Mykonos Paternoster Saldanha Vredenburg


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