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18 Alpha Youth Programme Intake

The Chrysalis Academy is a youth leadership development organisation as well as a social crime prevention initiative, empowering young people to take responsibility for their personal growth. The Academy offers a 3-month intensive residential life skills programme to provide young people with the necessary tools to become self- confident, resilient role models and leaders within their communities.

 Students are exposed to physical activities, a range of learning areas and voluntary work to achieve their development into positive role models. They deepen their personal mastery, environmental awareness, life & leadership skills as well as career skills. Throughout the programme, the students have access to individual counselling and life coaching based on individual assessments. Furthermore, parent workshops and family sessions are offered to promote positive parenting and caring families in the communities.

 Click here for a course overview, admission requirements and documentation needed at the interview.
Closing date: 23 February 2018 at 12h00.

Ward Councillors Feedback Meetings: February 2018

Saldanha Bay Municipality Ward Councillors invites all its citizens to participate and play an active role in the Municipal Processes. The Ward Councillor will engage with his / her citizens through public meetings in all 14 wards and all interest groups are encouraged to attend. At least one meeting per ward is scheduled to take place from 12 to 15 February 2018.

Click here for an electronic copy of the Ward Councillors’ meeting schedule for February 2018.


The Western Cape and the Saldanha Bay Municipal area is experiencing the worst drought in a decade and dam levels are extremely low. Saldanha Bay Municipality is working hard to avoid/avert Day Zero. Current initiatives include Level 5 water restrictions and tariffs, various demand management projects, ground water abstraction, desalination, dam management projects and intensifying the enforcement of water restriction offences.

Level 5 Water Restrictions:
Consumption is limited to 100 litres per person per day and a total of 15kl per household per month for residential consumers. Commercial properties (business and industry) must reduce demand by 40% compared to the previous year’s demand.
Irrigation, water features, topping up of swimming pools and washing of vehicles with municipal drinking water is prohibited. Irrigation with borehole or well point water is discouraged.
Residents are encouraged to use borehole and well point water for the flushing of toilets or washing of clothes.
The purpose of Level 5 water restrictions and tariffs are to reduce the demand and to stretch the water supply until the next rainfall season.

Government Notices:
On 12 December 2017 the Department of Water and Sanitation published a notice in terms of the National Water Act (1998) curtailing water usage (water savings that must be reached) by 45% for residential and commercial users and 60% for agricultural users.
A further notice was published on 12 January 2018 placing a 45% curtailment (water saving that must be reached) on the abstraction of ground water (boreholes and well points).
Borehole and well points must also be equipped with electronic water recording devices (meters). Recordings of water usage must be submitted to the Department of Water and Sanitation weekly by Monday 12:00 to
To ensure Saldanha Bay Municipality complies with the strict regulations and to stretch water supply to the next rainfall season, strict enforcement of Level 5 water restrictions will be conducted. Water abusers will be fined and smart water devices and restrictors will be installed at the properties of transgressors.

Water Savings:
Saldanha Bay Municipality’s current demand on the Western Cape Water Supply System shows that a 33% saving has been achieved, which does not meet the 45% target.
Saldanha Bay Municipality would like to congratulate water users who have contributed towards the saving and urges all water users to curb demand as a matter of urgency, in order to reach the 45% target.

Current Projects:
The following projects are in process and will ensure that Saldanha Bay Municipality does not reach Day Zero. Demand management is however of crucial importance to ensure water supply is stretched until additional water supply is augmented. Saldanha Bay Municipality’s demand at 45% curtailment (saving) is 20.35ML/Day.

Short Term/Current  Projects for completion by 30 April 2018:

Project Description Supply (*ML/day) Completion date
Langebaan Road Aquifer Boreholes 12 ML/Day (8 ML/Day)° April 2018
Misverstand Dam: Lowering the level to which the dam can be abstracted to ensure minimum of 78 days of water supply from the dam at 10 ML/Day 10 ML/Day March 2018
Hopefield Boreholes 0.4 ML/Day Completed
Usage of treated effluent at ArcelorMittal to replace a component of the drinking water demand 2.4 ML/Day April 2018
Desalination: Sea Harvest 1.7 ML/Day April 2018
Desalination: Lucky Star 0.8 ML/Day April 2018
Total water available from above mentioned projects at 30 April 2018. 27.3 ML/Day  

Medium Term  Projects for completion by 30 November 2018 to ensure water resilience, should another below average winter rainfall be experienced in 2018:

Project Description Supply (*ML/day) Completion date
Shelley Point Desalination 0.6 ML/Day September 2018
Elandsfontein Aquifer 14 ML/Day (8 ML/Day)° November 2018
Total additional water available from above mentioned projects at 31 November 2018. 14.6 ML/Day  
Total water available from all projects at 31 November 2018 (27.3 ML/day + 14.6 ML/Day) 41.9 ML/day  


*ML = Mega litres = Million litres
° It must be noted that the ground water abstraction projects at both Langebaan Road and Elandsfontein Aquifer reflected above are the short term abstraction yields. The abstraction will be lowered from 12ML/day and 14ML/day respectively after the immediate crisis period (4 – 5 months) to 8ML/Day to ensure sustainability.

Long Term Planning:
Desalination is a major part of Saldanha Bay Municipality’s long term plan. An Environmental Impact Assessment has already been approved for a desalination plant within the Saldanha Bay Municipal area.
A water resilience advisory committee consisting of various external specialists and municipal officials was established to spearhead the long term water resilience plan.


The Saldanha Bay Municipality is in process of establishing Safety Forums in all towns within our municipal area to give effect to the Saldanha Bay Safety Initiative. We are thus inviting all the relevant stakeholders to a meeting to discuss this valuable initiative to make the Saldanha Bay Municipal area safer for our communities.

Date:     Friday, 16 February 2018
Time:    10h00
Venue:  Council Chambers, 12 Main Road, Vredenburg

Report uncovered manholes

Saldanha Bay Municipality aims to ensure that manholes within the municipal area are safely covered to prevent the occurrence of any accidents or incidents.

The municipality and the South African Police Services are working together to halt and prevent the theft of fire hydrants, manhole covers and water metre covers. To further assist with the prevention of these incidents, we require the assistance of the community.

We encourage the community to report uncovered manholes, fire hydrants and water metres by contacting the 24-hour Saldanha Bay Municipality call centre on 022 701 7061. Alternatively, contact the municipal health and safety department on 022 701 7190 to report the occurrence of accidents and incidents related to uncovered manholes.

The municipality will ensure that the relevant department investigates and replaces the uncovered manhole(s).

Application/Alteration of 240-litre refuse containers

Saldanha Bay Municipality herewith informs all residents that as from 1 November 2017 a verification process will start to compare refuse removal services rendered versus refuse removal services billed.

Therefore if a household is only billed for one refuse bin, the municipality will only empty one refuse bin per week. Owners can apply for additional refuse bins or a reduction of refuse bins by means of the standard wheelie bin application form. Please note that only green SBM wheelie bins will be emptied as part of our refuse removal level of service.

Ontec (Prepaid Electricity) Vendors

Saldanha Bay Municipality has 69 registered Ontec vendors supplying prepaid electricity to residents and businesses within the municipal area. All Vendors are appointed on the NRS 047 standard.

Prepaid electricity can also be purchased at any Saldanha Bay Municipal office. Below are maps of the locations of the Ontec vendors per town in the municipal area.

Hopefield Langebaanweg Langebaan Middelpos
Mykonos Paternoster Saldanha Vredenburg


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